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Chain Saw 20″ Makita

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Rental price does not include new chain @$20

Product Description

Great for felling trees as well as debranching
Easy for transporting to remote areas
4.6HP/61cc 2-Cycle Engine
Easy start ensures quick starts and reduces resistance
MPI technology (memory-power-ignition) for easy restarts
Powerful at a high torque
SAS (Stratified Air Scavenging) Technology
Up to 20% less fuel consumption and lower emissions
Longlife Filter System
Extended worklife and tooless change make for easy cleaning
Intake air pre-cleaning reduces dirt particles at an early stage
Touch & Stop
One lever control with defined postions for cold starting
Engine shuts off with just a touch
Lateral Chain Tensioning
Side mounted tensioner provides easy operator access
Centrifugal Clutch With Three Weights
Allows for constant power to the chain
Provides durability over time with less wear
Advanced Vibration Dampening System
Engineered to reduce vibration
Oscillation damping due to durable cushioned steel